We Received a Small Shipment of Finnish Gas Masks…and are offering a Few Family 4 Packs…

Posted: May 7, 2012 in Money, People, Politics, World
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Family Finnish Gas Mask 4 Pack!

204.00 Value


Only 140.00!

Buy Family 4 Pack

Free Shipping!

US Sales Only

Family  4 Pack Includes:

4 Potassium Iodide Tablet Packs (60.00 Value)

4 New Finnish Gas Masks W/NATO Filters (120.00 Value)

4 Free French OD Gas Mask Bags (24.00 Value)


  1. Andrew Gilbert says:

    Do you mind placing one of these orders aside for me? I am picking up some work soon, I hope, and have been itching to get some Gas Masks for my loved ones.

    I appreciate it if you are willing to. If you could, send me an email and let me how much the shipping would be!

    Thank you so much.

  2. Andrew Gilbert says:

    Hello again. Shortmail still wont allow replies, but I expect this will be my last comment anyways.

    I unfortunately dont have any friends willing to accept and reship a package for me, but there is the possibility of going across the border to one of my contacts, and bringing it back across.

    But, that leads to a few questions I have, if you can answer:

    Are you able to ship to Canada at all? Or are all of your products available only in the USofA?

    Am I able to order NATO supplies from anywhere? Or is it only allowed in the US?

    And would I be safe to bring the NATO supplies across the border, to Canada?

    Thank you very much. I would definitely prefer to buy it and not have a middle man in the states, but it could be arranged if I have to. I recently had a serious break up – the reason I am staying with family, besides employment – and I feel uncomfortable with any contact so soon.

    If there is no chance of you guys shipping to Canada, would you mind referring me to a reputable supplier of gas masks of similar quality to yours?

    Thanks so much,


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