1. Robert says:

    I have studied this earthquake chart, it is an eye opener !!!

    It suggests that powerful earthquakes 6+ are going to be the norm in the future.
    The wise thing to do is to move away from fault lines.
    Too bad I am too close for comfort myself living my retirement years in Philippines.
    Too late for me.

    • Thanks for the link…we will have a look…


      • Turbine says:

        Dear Mr. Total Collapse,
        Have you heard the rumors or seen the picture of birds, I think it’s crows or ravens, that have been found with miniature camera’s implanted in them?

        If so where could they have come from, a government? which one? maybe a private company or person?

        What is going on here!!!!

        Please check your deep sources and expose this ultimate of invasion of our basic right to privacy. This is an outrage!!

      • You are the second person who has brought this to our attention. What we are hearing is that large birds (black) are being outfitted with cameras, either surgically or externally.

        It would be an effective way to spy on the American people because these black birds are EVERYWHERE! Nobody would be the wiser to this…

        This is very troublesome.


  2. Laken Blaken says:

    This is a great site and very informative…Im sure I was just placed on another dozen “Watch Lists”, since my site is under constant attack by using specific keywords that seem to trigger our “over seers” servers. Here in Salem Oregon they have been spraying heavier than usual and hearing lots of buzz from the Bay Area simiar events are continuing as most sheep keep shopping for useless material Items.

  3. Turbine says:

    Dear Mr TC,
    Have you been able to find out anything more on this bird thing? Maybe it’s just me, but since I have heard about black birds having camera’s, I’ve been noticing how numerous they are. My wife noticed at least 50 in our tree yesterday ….. How concerned should all of us be?

  4. Rand says:

    Where do you get the shirt?

  5. palawanbob says:

    Maybe a few people will want to read this mind blowing document that I have personally taken the time to research, write and give it for free to humanity.
    Only for the open minded!

  6. jim says:

    you people are frekin morons. you preppers are the first to die, the plan has been chosen and you cannot hide.

  7. Turbine says:

    Yes Jim you are right, “the plan has been chosen and we can not hide” but even God who has the plan tells his children to be prepared. Those of his Children that have sat by and not prepared as he asked us too, will be a might disappointed …. Before you dismiss this out of hand, please study up on this yourself, don’t just go by the Church leaders who are using man made Church laws to follow a certain agenda. Listen to God yourself through His Word, and follow it. Remember the only time that Jesus got upset was at the Church leaders preaching the law, not the Love of God and the responsibilities we have. He wants you to provide for yourself and your fellow man kind. Like he had Moses prepare for 7 years of famine. Many preppers are Christians, and unless you are God and He has a computer, you are doing Gods job and judging us. I for one am following what God has told us to do 1 1/2 years ago. Noah’s neighbors thought he was a “freaking moron” (spelling corrected) too. … Good luck in your research & God Bless You! 🙂

  8. Hey buddy, I had a few requests for your Total Collapse T-shirt on today’s show. How do they order?

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