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The website will remain the same domain name, it will just be a clothing site vs. an information/news blog/clothing site


We have been getting a lot of requests to make the clothing more readily available online, so we are teaming up with the safe and secure online merchant site, the leader in online shopping sites.


Please check in with us from time to time to see what we have out thats new.

 Thank you all for your support over the last year and a half!





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Got Ammo Shirt Design



Got Guns Shirt Design



There are great points to this video…..and the same seems to be happening on the other side now…But listen to how many times they say America is a democracy, which it is not, America is a Republic… , a video that speaks about media swaying the America peoples minds, is doing the same by saying we are a Democracy…Irony? You Decide…






Can be ordered here through E-Bay:

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Dizzy Reed

Defend America AR-15 FF ver 3-5




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TC Defend 17

TC Defend 3

Pat XYZ TC 2

Pat Fontaine XYZ

Face Down In The Gutter…Firefest 2012!

The gold record hit song that Transformed XYZ into a household name in the Heavy Metal World… “Inside Out”…One of MTV’s highest requested videos!

Official XYZ MTV video…. “Face Down In The Gutter”